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cardinal, chief, crowning, culminating, extreme, final, first, foremost, greatest, head, highest, incomparable, leading, matchless, mother (of all), paramount, peerless, predominant, pre-eminent, prevailing, prime, principal, sovereign, superlative, surpassing, top, ultimate, unsurpassed, utmost  
   least, least successful, lowest, most inferior, most minor, most subordinate, most trivial, poorest, worst  
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1       adj   Supreme is used in the title of a person or an official group to indicate that they are at the highest level in a particular organization or system.  
ADJ n  
MacArthur was Supreme Commander for the allied powers in the Pacific., ...the Supreme Court.     
2       adj   You use supreme to emphasize that a quality or thing is very great.,   (emphasis)    Her approval was of supreme importance...     
  supremely      adv   ADV adj/adv  
She gets on with her job and does it supremely well.     

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