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admirable, awesome     (slang)   bodacious     (slang, chiefly U.S.)   boffo     (slang)   breathtaking, brill     (informal)   chillin'     (U.S. slang)   choice, divine, excellent, exquisite, fine, first-rate, gorgeous, grand, magnificent, marvellous, mega     (slang)   of the first water, splendid, splendiferous     (facetious)   superior, superlative, topping     (Brit. slang)   unrivalled, world-class  
   abysmal, awful, bad, disappointing, dreadful, inferior, mediocre, no great shakes     (informal)   pathetic, poor quality, run-of-the-mill, terrible, third-rate, uninspired, woeful  
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1       adj   If something is superb, its quality is very good indeed.   (=excellent, outstanding)  
There is a superb 18-hole golf course 6 miles away..., The waters are crystal clear and offer a superb opportunity for swimming.     
  superbly      adv   ADV with v, ADV adv/adj  
The orchestra played superbly.     
2       adj   If you say that someone has superb confidence, control, or skill, you mean that they have very great confidence, control, or skill.  
With superb skill he managed to make a perfect landing.     
  superbly      adv   ADV with v, ADV adj/adv  
...his superbly disciplined opponent...     

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