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awesome     (slang)   boffo     (slang)   brill     (informal)   chillin'     (U.S. slang)   cracking     (Brit. informal)   crucial     (slang)   def     (slang)   excellent, glorious, incomparable, jim-dandy     (slang)   magnificent, marvellous, matchless, mean     (slang)   mega     (slang)   out of this world     (informal)   outstanding, peerless, sensational     (informal)   smashing     (informal)   sovereign, superb, terrific     (informal)   top-notch     (informal)   topping     (Brit. slang)   wonderful  
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1       adj   Some people use super to mean very nice or very good.  
  (mainly BRIT)  

We had a super time..., That's a super idea..., `I think I could find you something.'—`That would be super.'     
2       adv   Super is used before adjectives to indicate that something has a lot of a quality.  
ADV adj  
I'm going to Greece in the summer so I've got to be super slim.     
3       adj   Super is used before nouns to indicate that something is larger, better, or more advanced than similar things.  
ADJ n  
...building Russia into a super state., ...a chance to test-drive a stunning Lotus super-car.     

Super- is used to form adjectives which indicate that something is at a higher level than something else.      prefix  
...a fragment of crystal with supernormal powers.     
super-ego        ( super-egos    plural  ) , superego   Your super-ego is the part of your mind which makes you aware of what is right and wrong, and which causes you to feel guilty when you have done something wrong.     (TECHNICAL)      n-count  

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SuperUser Do: used in Unix/Linux by a 'regular' (non-root) user to execute or preform an 'Administrator' (super user, root user) command or task.
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