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      vb   bejewel, bespangle, dot, fleck, ornament, spangle, speckle, spot, sprinkle  
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  ( studs    plural  )
1       n-count   A studs are small pieces of metal which are attached to a surface for decoration.  
You see studs on lots of London front doors.     
2       n-count   A stud is an earring consisting of a small shape attached to a bar which goes through a hole in your ear.  
...plain gold studs.     
3       n-count   Studs are small round objects attached to the bottom of boots, especially sports boots, so that the person wearing them does not slip.  
in AM, use cleats     
4       n-uncount   Horses or other animals that are kept for stud are kept to be used for breeding.  
He was voted horse of the year and then was retired to stud.     
    press stud  

press stud        ( press studs    plural  ) A press stud is a small metal object used to fasten clothes and is made up of two parts which can be pressed together.  
  (BRIT)      n-count   (=popper)  
in AM, use snap fastener, snap     
stud book        ( stud books    plural  ) , studbook   A stud book is a written record of the breeding of a particular horse, especially a racehorse.      n-count  
stud farm        ( stud farms    plural  ) A stud farm is a place where horses are bred.      n-count  

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