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1    bend over backwards     (informal)   break one's neck     (informal)   bust a gut     (informal)   do one's damnedest     (informal)   exert oneself, give it one's all     (informal)   give it one's best shot     (informal)   go all out     (informal)   go for broke     (slang)   go for it     (informal)   knock oneself out     (informal)   labour, make an all-out effort     (informal)   make every effort, rupture oneself     (informal)   strain, strive, toil, work, work like a Trojan  
2    effort, exertion, grind     (informal)   labour, long haul, pains, scramble, toil, work  
3    battle, compete, contend, fight, grapple, lock horns, scuffle, wrestle  
4    battle, brush, clash, combat, conflict, contest, encounter, hostilities, skirmish, strife, tussle  
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  ( struggles    plural & 3rd person present)   ( struggling    present participle)   ( struggled    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If you struggleto do something, you try hard to do it, even though other people or things may be making it difficult for you to succeed.  
They had to struggle against all kinds of adversity...      V prep  
Those who have lost their jobs struggle to pay their supermarket bills.      V to-inf  
2       n-var   A struggle is a long and difficult attempt to achieve something such as freedom or political rights.  
oft N prep, N to-inf  
Life became a struggle for survival., ...a young lad's struggle to support his poverty-stricken family..., He is currently locked in a power struggle with his Prime Minister.     
3       verb   If you struggle when you are being held, you twist, kick, and move violently in order to get free.  
I struggled, but he was a tall man, well-built.      V  
4       v-recip   If two people strugglewith each other, they fight.  
She screamed at him to `stop it' as they struggled on the ground...      pl-n V  
There were signs that she struggled with her attacker.      V with n  
      Struggle is also a noun., n-count  
He died in a struggle with prison officers less than two months after coming to Britain.     
5       verb   If you struggleto move yourself or to move a heavy object, you try to do it, but it is difficult.  
I could see the young boy struggling to free himself...      V to-inf  
I struggled with my bags, desperately looking for a porter.      V prep  
6       verb   If a person or organization is struggling, they are likely to fail in what they are doing, even though they might be trying very hard.  
only cont  
The company is struggling to find buyers for its new product...      V to-inf  
One in five young adults was struggling with everyday mathematics...      V prep  
By the 1960s, many shipyards were struggling.      V  
7       n-sing   An action or activity that is a struggle is very difficult to do.  
a N  
Losing weight was a terrible struggle.      struggle on      phrasal verb   If you struggle on, you continue doing something rather than stopping, even though it is difficult.  
Why should I struggle on to please my parents?...      V P  
The rest of the world struggles on with its perpetual problems, poverty and debt.      V P with n  

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expression used to point out that one has to struggle or suffer to achieve his goal
Jason: Damn it! I can't take it anymore. This exercise is killing me! Ray: Yeah but it’ll help you lose weight. Don't you know? No pain, no gain!
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