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attempt, bend over backwards     (informal)   break one's neck     (informal)   bust a gut     (informal)   compete, contend, do all one can, do one's best, do one's damnedest     (informal)   do one's utmost, endeavour, exert oneself, fight, give it one's all     (informal)   give it one's best shot     (informal)   go all out     (informal)   go for broke     (slang)   go for it     (informal)   jump through hoops     (informal)   knock oneself out     (informal)   labour, leave no stone unturned, make an all-out effort     (informal)   make every effort, rupture oneself     (informal)   strain, struggle, toil, try, try hard  
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  ( strives    3rd person present)   ( striving    present participle  )
The past tense is either strove or strived, and the past participle is either striven or strived.      If you striveto do something or strivefor something, you make a great effort to do it or get it.      verb  
He strives hard to keep himself very fit...      V to-inf  
Mr Annan said the region must now strive for economic development as well as peace.      V for n  

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