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1    bang, beat, box, buffet, chastise, chin     (slang)   clobber     (slang)   clout     (informal)   clump     (slang)   cuff, deck     (slang)   hammer, hit, knock, lambast(e), lay a finger on     (informal)   lay one on     (slang)   pound, punch, punish, slap, smack, smite, sock     (slang)   thump, wallop     (informal)  
2    be in collision with, bump into, clash, collide with, come into contact with, dash, hit, knock into, run into, smash into, touch  
3    drive, force, hit, impel, thrust  
4    affect, come to, come to the mind of, dawn on or upon, hit, impress, make an impact on, occur to, reach, register     (informal)   seem  
5      (sometimes with)       upon   come upon or across, discover, encounter, find, happen or chance upon, hit upon, light upon, reach, stumble upon or across, turn up, uncover, unearth  
6    affect, assail, assault, attack, deal a blow to, devastate, fall upon, hit, invade, set upon, smite  
7    achieve, arrange, arrive at, attain, effect, reach  
8    down tools, mutiny, revolt, walk out  

strike down     
afflict, bring low, deal a deathblow to, destroy, kill, ruin, slay, smite  
strike out  
1         strike off, strike through    cancel, cross out, delete, efface, erase, excise, expunge, remove, score out  
2    begin, get under way, set out, start out  
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  ( strikes    plural & 3rd person present)   ( striking    present participle)   ( struck    past tense & past participle)   ( stricken    past participle  )
The form struck is the past tense and past participle. The form stricken can also be used as the past participle for meanings 6 and 17.     
1       n-count   When there is a strike, workers stop doing their work for a period of time, usually in order to try to get better pay or conditions for themselves.     (BUSINESS)   also on N  
French air traffic controllers have begun a three-day strike in a dispute over pay..., Staff at the hospital went on strike in protest at the incidents., ...a call for strike action.     
2       verb   When workers strike, they go on strike.     (BUSINESS)  
...their recognition of the workers' right to strike...      V  
They shouldn't be striking for more money...      V for n  
The government agreed not to sack any of the striking workers.      V-ing  
  striker     ( strikers    plural)    n-count  
The strikers want higher wages, which state governments say they can't afford.     
3       verb   If you strike someone or something, you deliberately hit them.  
FORMAL   She took two quick steps forward and struck him across the mouth...      V n prep/adv  
It is impossible to say who struck the fatal blow.      V n  
4       verb   If something that is falling or moving strikes something, it hits it.  

His head struck the bottom when he dived into the 6ft end of the pool...      V n  
One 16-inch shell struck the control tower...      V n  
5       verb   If you strike one thing against another, or if one thing strikes against another, the first thing hits the second thing.  

Wilde fell and struck his head on the stone floor...      V n on/against n  
My right toe struck against a submerged rock.      V against n  
6       verb   If something such as an illness or disaster strikes, it suddenly happens.  
Bank of England officials continued to insist that the pound would soon return to stability but disaster struck...      V  
A powerful earthquake struck the Italian island of Sicily early this morning...      V n  
7       verb   To strike means to attack someone or something quickly and violently.  
The attacker struck as she was walking near a housing estate at Monacurra...      V  
8       n-count   A military strike is a military attack, especially an air attack.  
with supp, oft N against n  
...a punitive air strike., ...a nuclear strike.     
9       verb   If something strikes at the heart or root of something, it attacks or conflicts with the basic elements or principles of that thing.  
LITERARY   ...a rejection of her core beliefs and values, which strikes at the very heart of her being...      V at n  
10       verb   If an idea or thought strikes you, it suddenly comes into your mind.  
no cont  
A thought struck her. Was she jealous of her mother, then?...      V n  
At this point, it suddenly struck me that I was wasting my time.      it V n that/how  
11       verb   If something strikes you as being a particular thing, it gives you the impression of being that thing.  
He struck me as a very serious but friendly person...      V n as n/adj  
You've always struck me as being an angry man.      V n as -ing  
12       verb   If you are struck by something, you think it is very impressive, noticeable, or interesting.  
She was struck by his simple, spellbinding eloquence...      be V-ed by/with n  
What struck me about the firm is how genuinely friendly and informal it is.      V n  
13       v-recip   If you strike a deal or a bargain with someone, you come to an agreement with them.  
They struck a deal with their paper supplier, getting two years of newsprint on credit...      V n with n  
The two struck a deal in which Rendell took half of what a manager would...      pl-n V n  
He insists he has struck no bargains for their release.      V n (non-recip)  
14       verb   If you strike a balance, you do something that is halfway between two extremes.  
At times like that you have to strike a balance between sleep and homework.      V n  
15       verb   If you strike a pose or attitude, you put yourself in a particular position, for example when someone is taking your photograph.   (=adopt)  
She struck a pose, one hand on her hip and the other waving an imaginary cigarette.      V n  
16       verb   If something strikes fear into people, it makes them very frightened or anxious.  
LITERARY   If there is a single subject guaranteed to strike fear in the hearts of parents, it is drugs.      V n into n  
17       verb   If you are struck dumb or blind, you suddenly become unable to speak or to see.  
WRITTEN   usu passive  
I was struck dumb by this and had to think it over for a moment...      be V-ed adj  
18       verb   When a clock strikes, its bells make a sound to indicate what the time is.  
The clock struck nine...      V n  
Finally, the clock strikes.      V  
19       verb   If you strike words from a document or an official record, you remove them.  
FORMAL   Strike that from the minutes...      V n from n, Also V n  
      Strike out means the same as strike., phrasal verb  
The censor struck out the next two lines.      V P n (not pron), Also V n P  
20       verb   When you strike a match, you make it produce a flame by moving it quickly against something rough.  
Robina struck a match and held it to the crumpled newspaper in the grate.      V n  
21       verb   If someone strikes oil or gold, they discover it in the ground as a result of mining or drilling.  
Hamilton Oil announced that it had struck oil in the Liverpool Bay area of the Irish Sea.      V n  
22       verb   When a coin or medal is struck, it is made.  
usu passive  
Another medal was specially struck for him.      be V-ed  
    hunger strike  
24    If you strike gold, you find, do, or produce something that brings you a lot of money or success.     (JOURNALISM)  
strike gold      phrase   V inflects  
The company has struck gold with its new holiday development, Center Parcs.     
25    If you strike it rich, you make a lot of money, especially in a short time.  
strike it rich      phrase   V inflects  
He hoped to strike it rich by investing in ginseng.     
    to strike a chord  
    to strike home  
    to strike it lucky  
    to strike a happy medium  
    medium   strike back      phrasal verb   If you strike back, you harm or criticize someone who has harmed or criticized you.  
Our instinctive reaction when someone causes us pain is to strike back...      V P  
Sometimes, Kappy got angry and struck back at him in whatever way she could...      V P at n   strike down      phrasal verb   If someone is struck down, especially by an illness, they are killed or severely harmed by it.  
WRITTEN   usu passive  
Frank had been struck down by a massive heart attack.      be V-ed P   strike off      phrasal verb   If someone such as a doctor or lawyer is struck off, their name is removed from the official register and they are not allowed to do medical or legal work any more.  
  (BRIT)   usu passive  
...a company lawyer who had been struck off for dishonest practices...      be V-ed P  
He could be struck off the medical register.      be V-ed P n   strike out  
1       phrasal verb   If you strike out, you begin to do something different, often because you want to become more independent.  
She wanted me to strike out on my own, buy a business.      V P  
...a desire to make changes and to strike out in new directions.      V P  
2       phrasal verb   If you strike outat someone, you hit, attack, or speak angrily to them.  
He seemed always ready to strike out at anyone and for any cause...      V P at n  
Frampton struck out blindly, hitting not Waddington, but an elderly man.      V P  
3       phrasal verb   If someone strikes out, they fail.  
INFORMAL   The lawyer admitted that he was the firm's second lawyer. The first one had struck out completely.      V P  
    strike 19   strike up  
1       phrasal verb   When you strike up a conversation or friendship with someone, you begin one.  
WRITTEN   I trailed her into Penney's and struck up a conversation...      V P n (not pron)  
2       phrasal verb   When musicians strike up a piece of music, or when music strikes up, the music begins.  
And then the orchestra struck up the National Anthem...      V P n (not pron)  
The band struck up, and riders paraded round the ring.      V P  

air strike        ( air strikes    plural  ) , airstrike   An air strike is an attack by military aircraft in which bombs are dropped. This expression is usually used by the country or group that is carrying out the attack.      n-count  
A senior defence official said last night that they would continue the air strikes.     
general strike        ( general strikes    plural  ) A general strike is a situation where most or all of the workers in a country are on strike and are refusing to work.      n-count  
hunger strike        ( hunger strikes    plural  ) If someone goes onhunger strike or goes on a hunger strike, they refuse to eat as a way of protesting about something.      n-var  
The protesters have been on hunger strike for 17 days...     
  hunger striker     ( hunger strikers    plural)    n-count  
The five hunger strikers in London called off their strike and celebrated the good news.     
lightning strike        ( lightning strikes    plural  ) A lightning strike is a strike in which workers stop work suddenly and without any warning, in order to protest about something.  
  (BRIT)      n-count  
Bank staff are to stage a series of lightning strikes in a dispute over staffing.     
strike-breaker        ( strike-breakers    plural  ) , strikebreaker   A strike-breaker is a person who continues to work during a strike, or someone who takes over the work of a person who is on strike.      n-count  

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