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1    abnormal, astonishing, bizarre, curious, curiouser and curiouser, eccentric, exceptional, extraordinary, fantastic, funny, irregular, left-field     (informal)   marvellous, mystifying, odd, oddball     (informal)   off-the-wall     (slang)   out-of-the-way, outré, peculiar, perplexing, queer, rare, remarkable, rum     (Brit. slang)   singular, unaccountable, uncanny, uncommon, unheard of, weird, wonderful  
2    alien, exotic, foreign, new, novel, outside one's experience, remote, unexplored, unfamiliar, unknown, untried  
3      (often with)       to   a stranger to, ignorant of, inexperienced, new to, unaccustomed, unpractised, unseasoned, unused, unversed in  
4    awkward, bewildered, disoriented, ill at ease, like a fish out of water, lost, out of place, uncomfortable  
1 & 2    accustomed, bog-standard     (Brit. & Irish slang)   common, commonplace, conventional, familiar, habitual, ordinary, regular, routine, run-of-the-mill, standard, typical, unexceptional, usual, well-known  
3    accustomed, familiar, habitual  
4    at ease, at home, comfortable, relaxed  
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  ( stranger    comparative)   ( strangest    superlative  )
1       adj   Something that is strange is unusual or unexpected, and makes you feel slightly nervous or afraid.  
oft it v-link ADJ that/to-inf/how   (=odd)  
Then a strange thing happened..., There was something strange about the flickering blue light..., It's strange how things turn out.     
  strangely      adv   ADV with v, ADV adj  
She noticed he was acting strangely..., The hut suddenly seemed strangely silent.     
  strangeness      n-uncount  
...the breathy strangeness of the music.     
2       adj   A strange place is one that you have never been to before. A strange person is someone that you have never met before.  
ADJ n   (=unfamiliar)     (Antonym: familiar)    I ended up alone in a strange city..., She was faced with a new job, in unfamiliar surroundings with strange people.     

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freaky means odd, strange, unusual
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