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1    distend, draw tight, extend, stretch, tauten, tighten  
2    drive, exert, fatigue, injure, overexert, overtax, overwork, pull, push to the limit, sprain, tax, tear, test, tire, twist, weaken, wrench  
3    bend over backwards     (informal)   break one's back, break one's neck     (informal)   bust a gut     (informal)   do one's damnedest     (informal)   endeavour, give it one's all     (informal)   give it one's best shot     (informal)   go all out for     (informal)   go for broke     (slang)   go for it     (informal)   knock oneself out     (informal)   labour, make an all-out effort     (informal)   make a supreme effort, rupture oneself     (informal)   strive, struggle  
4    filter, percolate, purify, riddle, screen, seep, separate, sieve, sift  
5    effort, exertion, force, injury, pull, sprain, struggle, tautness, tension, tensity     (rare)   wrench  
6    anxiety, burden, pressure, stress, tension  
7      (often plural)    air, lay, measure     (poetic)   melody, song, theme, tune  
,       vb  
2 & 3    idle, loose, pamper, relax, rest, slacken, take it easy, yield  
5 & 6    ease, effortlessness, lack of tension, relaxation  
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