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straighten out

become clear, clear up, correct, disentangle, put right, rectify, regularize, resolve, settle, sort out, unsnarl, work out  
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  ( straightens    3rd person present)   ( straightening    present participle)   ( straightened    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If you straighten something, you make it tidy or put it in its proper position.  
She sipped her coffee and straightened a picture on the wall.      V n  
...tidying, straightening cushions and organising magazines.      V n  
2       verb   If you are standing in a relaxed or slightly bent position and then you straighten, you make your back or body straight and upright.  
The three men straightened and stood waiting.      V  
      Straighten up means the same as straighten., phrasal verb  
He straightened up and slipped his hands in his pockets.      V P  
3       verb   If you straighten something, or it straightens, it becomes straight.  
Straighten both legs until they are fully extended...      V n  
The road straightened and we were on a plateau.      V  
      Straighten out means the same as straighten., phrasal verb  
No one would dream of straightening out the knobbly spire at Empingham Church...      V P n (not pron)  
The road twisted its way up the mountain then straightened out for the last two hundred yards.      V P   straighten out         
1       phrasal verb   If you straighten out    a confused situation, you succeed in getting it organized and tidied up.       (=sort out)  
He would make an appointment with him to straighten out a couple of things...      V P n (not pron)  
My sister had come in with her calm common sense and straightened them out.      V n P  
    straighten 3   straighten up  
    straighten 2  

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