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1    adhere, affix, attach, bind, bond, cement, cleave, cling, fasten, fix, fuse, glue, hold, hold on, join, paste, weld  
2    dig, gore, insert, jab, penetrate, pierce, pin, poke, prod, puncture, spear, stab, thrust, transfix  
3      (with)       out, up, etc.   bulge, extend, jut, obtrude, poke, project, protrude, show  
4      (informal)   deposit, drop, fix, install, lay, place, plant, plonk, position, put, set, store, stuff  
5    be bogged down, become immobilized, be embedded, catch, clog, come to a standstill, jam, lodge, snag, stop  
6    linger, persist, remain, stay  
7      (slang)   abide, bear up under, endure, get on with, hack     (slang)   stand, stomach, take, tolerate  
8    stick it out        (informal)   bear, endure, grin and bear it     (informal)   last out, put up with     (informal)   see it through, see through to the bitter end, soldier on, take it     (informal)   weather  
9    stick up for        (informal)   champion, defend, stand up for, support, take the part or side of, uphold  
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stick          [2]  
1    baton, birch, cane, crook, pole, rod, sceptre, staff, stake, switch, twig, wand  
2      (informal)   dinosaur, fuddy-duddy     (informal)   (old) fogey, pain     (informal)   prig, stick-in-the-mud     (informal)  
3      (Brit. slang)   abuse, blame, criticism, flak     (informal)   hostility, punishment  

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  ( sticks    plural  )   (NOUN USES)  
1       n-count   A stick    is a thin branch which has fallen off a tree.      
...people carrying bundles of dried sticks to sell for firewood.     
2       n-count   A stick    is a long thin piece of wood which is used for supporting someone's weight or for hitting people or animals.      
He looks old and walks with a stick..., Crowds armed with sticks and stones took to the streets.     
    carrot and stick  
3       n-count   A stick    is a long thin piece of wood which is used for a particular purpose.      
usu n N  
...kebab sticks., ...lolly sticks., ...drum sticks.     
4       n-count   Some long thin objects that are used in sports are called sticks.  
usu n N  
...lacrosse sticks., sticks.,     
5       n-count   A stick   of something is a long thin piece of it.      
usu N of n, n N  
...a stick of celery., ...cinnamon sticks.     
6       n-uncount   If you give someone some stick   , you criticize them or tease them roughly.      
INFORMAL   It's not motorists who give you the most stick, it's the general public..., I get some stick from the lads because of my faith but I don't mind.     
7       n-plural   If you say that someone lives in the sticks, you mean that they live a long way from any large cities.  
INFORMAL   the N     (disapproval)    He lived out in the sticks somewhere.     
8    If someone gets the wrong end of the stick or gets hold of the wrong end of the stick, they do not understand something correctly and get the wrong idea about it.  
get the wrong end of the stick/get hold of the wrong end of the stick      phrase   V inflects  

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stick          [2]     ( sticks    3rd person present)   ( sticking    present participle)   ( stuck    past tense & past participle  )   (VERB USES)  
Please look at category 9 to see if the expression you are looking for is shown under another headword.     
1       verb   If you stick    something somewhere, you put it there in a rather casual way.      
INFORMAL   He folded the papers and stuck them in his desk drawer...      V n prep/adv  
Jack opened his door and stuck his head out.      V n prep/adv  
2       verb   If you stick    a pointed object in something, or if it sticksin something, it goes into it or through it by making a cut or hole.      
Some punk stuck a knife in her last night...      V n in/into/through n  
The soldiers went at once to the mound and began to stick their bayonets through it...      V n in/into/through n  
The knife stuck in the ground at his feet.      V in n  
3       verb   If something is sticking out from a surface or object, it extends up or away from it. If something is sticking into a surface or object, it is partly in it.  
They lay where they had fallen from the crane, sticking out of the water...      V adv/prep  
His hair sticks up in half a dozen directions.      V adv/prep  
...when we see her with lots of tubes and needles sticking into her little body.      V adv/prep  
4       verb   If you stick    one thing to another, you attach it using glue, sticky tape, or another sticky substance.      
We just stuck it to the window...      V n prep  
He has nowhere to stick up his posters...      V n with adv  
Stick down any loose bits of flooring.      V n with adv  
5       verb   If one thing sticksto another, it becomes attached to it and is difficult to remove.  
Peel away the waxed paper if it has stuck to the bottom of the cake...      V to n  
If left to stand, cooked pasta sticks together.      V together  
6       verb   If something sticks in your mind, you remember it for a long time.  
The incident stuck in my mind because it was the first example I had seen of racism in that country...      V in n  
7       verb   If something which can usually be moved sticks, it becomes fixed in one position.  
The needle on the dial went right round to fifty feet, which was as far as it could go, and there it stuck...      V  
    to stick in your throat  
    throat   stick around      phrasal verb   If you stick around, you stay where you are, often because you are waiting for something.  
INFORMAL   Stick around a while and see what develops...      V P   stick at      phrasal verb   If you stick at a task or activity, you continue doing it, even if it is difficult.  
You will find it hard at first, but stick at it...      V P n   stick by  
1       phrasal verb   If you stick by someone, you continue to give them help or support.  
...friends who stuck by me during the difficult times as Council Leader...      V P n  
2       phrasal verb   If you stick by a promise, agreement, decision, or principle, you do what you said you would do, or do not change your mind.   (=stick to)  
But I made my decision then and stuck by it.      V P n   stick out  
1       phrasal verb   If you stick out part of your body, you extend it away from your body.  
She made a face and stuck out her tongue at him...      V P n (not pron)  
He stuck his hand out and he said, `Good evening.'      V n P  
    to stick your neck out  
2       phrasal verb   If something sticks out, it is very noticeable because it is unusual.   (=stand out)  
What had Cutter done to make him stick out from the crowd?      V P from n  
    to stick out a mile  
    to stick out like a sore thumb  
3    If someone in an unpleasant or difficult situation sticks it out, they do not leave or give up.  
stick it out      phrase   V inflects  
I really didn't like New York, but I wanted to stick it out a little bit longer.      stick to  
1       phrasal verb   If you stick to something or someone when you are travelling, you stay close to them.  
There are interesting hikes inland, but most ramblers stick to the clifftops...      V P n  
2       phrasal verb   If you stick to something, you continue doing, using, saying, or talking about it, rather than changing to something else.  
Perhaps he should have stuck to writing...      V P n  
3       phrasal verb   If you stick to a promise, agreement, decision, or principle, you do what you said you would do, or do not change your mind.   (=stick by)  
Immigrant support groups are waiting to see if he sticks to his word...      V P n  
But one problem is that few people can stick to a diet for long.      V P n  
    to stick to your guns  
4       phrasal verb   If you stick to rules, you do what they say you must do.  
Obviously we are disappointed but the committee could do nothing less than stick to the rules...      V P n  
Police must stick to the highest standards if they are to win back public confidence.      V P n   stick together      phrasal verb   If people stick together, they stay with each other and support each other.  
If we all stick together, we ought to be okay.      V P   stick up for      phrasal verb   If you stick up for a person or a principle, you support or defend them forcefully.   (=stand up for)  
I can stick up for myself...      V P P n   stick with  
1       phrasal verb   If you stick with something, you do not change to something else.  
They prefer, in the end, to stick with what they know.      V P n  
2       phrasal verb   If you stick with someone, you stay close to them.  
Tugging the woman's arm, she pulled her to her side saying: `You just stick with me, dear.'      V P n  

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get the short end of the stick exp.
be negatively impacted by a situation, event.
E.g.: The building is being renovated, but for the moment people living there get the short end of the stick.

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very quickly; right now; in a big hurry
[UK][Slang] You should get out quick sticks if you don't want him to see you.
1. in a remote area, an area in the countryside that is far from a town or city 2. in a town or city regarded as dull or unsophisticated
[Fig.];[Informal];[Disapproving] Syn.: In the backwoods, in the middle of nowhere.
the carrot is more effective than the stick
a humorous way of recommending someone not to pursue something at which they are unlikely to be good or successful and thus, to rather stick to what they can do best, namely, their job
Ex.: Although she had poured her whole heart and soul into her singing at the karaoke, her somewhat cruel but nonetheless lucid friends told her: 'don't give up the day job!'
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