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1    affirm, articulate, assert, asseverate, aver, declare, enumerate, explain, expound, express, present, propound, put, report, say, specify, utter, voice  
2    case, category, circumstances, condition, mode, pass, plight, position, predicament, shape, situation, state of affairs  
3    attitude, frame of mind, humour, mood, spirits  
4    ceremony, dignity, display, glory, grandeur, majesty, pomp, splendour, style  
5      (informal)   bother, flap     (informal)   mind-fuck     (taboo slang)   panic, pother, tiz-woz     (informal)   tizzy     (informal)  
6    in a state        (informal)   agitated, all steamed up     (slang)   anxious, distressed, disturbed, flustered, het up, panic-stricken, ruffled, upset, uptight     (informal)  
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state          [2]  
      n   body politic, commonwealth, country, federation, government, kingdom, land, nation, republic, territory  

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  ( states    plural & 3rd person present)   ( stating    present participle)   ( stated    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-count   You can refer to countries as states, particularly when you are discussing politics.  
Some weeks ago I recommended to EU member states that we should have discussions with the Americans.     
2       n-count   Some large countries such as the USA are divided into smaller areas called states.  
Leaders of the Southern states are meeting in Louisville.     
3       n-proper   The USA is sometimes referred to as the States.  
INFORMAL   the N  
4       n-sing   You can refer to the government of a country as the state.  
the N  
The state does not collect enough revenue to cover its expenditure...     
5       adj   State industries or organizations are financed and organized by the government rather than private companies.  
ADJ n  
...reform of the state social-security system.     
    state school  
6       adj   A state occasion is a formal one involving the head of a country.  
ADJ n  
The president of Czechoslovakia is in Washington on a state visit.     
7       n-count   When you talk about the stateof someone or something, you are referring to the condition they are in or what they are like at a particular time.  
usu sing, with supp  
For the first few months after Daniel died, I was in a state of clinical depression..., Look at the state of my car!     
8       verb   If you state something, you say or write it in a formal or definite way.  
Clearly state your address and telephone number...      V n  
The police report stated that he was arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife...      V that  
`Our relationship is totally platonic,' she stated...      V with quote  
Buyers who do not apply within the stated period can lose their deposits.      V-ed  
    head of state  
    nation state  
    police state  
    welfare state  
10    If you say that someone is not in a fit stateto do something, you mean that they are too upset or ill to do it.  
not in a fit state      phrase   V inflects, PHR to-inf  
When you left our place, you weren't in a fit state to drive.     
11    If you are in a state or if you get into a state, you are very upset or nervous about something.  
in a state/into a state      phrase   v-link PHR  
I was in a terrible state because nobody could understand why I had this illness...     
12    If the dead body of an important person lies in state, it is publicly displayed for a few days before it is buried.  
lie in state      phrase   V inflects  

buffer state        ( buffer states    plural  ) A buffer state is a peaceful country situated between two or more larger hostile countries.      n-count  
Turkey and Greece were buffer states against the former Soviet Union.     
client state        ( client states    plural  ) A client state is a country which is controlled or influenced by another larger and more powerful state, or which depends on this state for support and protection.      n-count  
...France and its African client states.     
head of state        ( heads of state    plural  ) A head of state is the leader of a country, for example a president, king, or queen.      n-count  
nanny state     
If you refer to the government as thenanny state, you disapprove of it because you think it tries to protect its citizens too much and makes them rely on the state too much.  
  (mainly BRIT)      n-sing   usu the N     (disapproval)    The tussle to free the individual from the nanny state is still far from won.     
nation-state        ( nation-states    plural  ) , nation state   A nation-state is an independent state which consists of people from one particular national group.      n-count  
Albania is a small nation state of around 3 million people.     
persistent vegetative state        ( persistent vegetative states    plural  ) If someone is in a persistent vegetative state, they are unable to think, speak, or move because they have severe brain damage, and their condition is not likely to improve.     (MEDICAL)      n-count  
police state        ( police states    plural  ) A police state is a country in which the government controls people's freedom by means of the police, especially secret police.      n-count  
Secretary of State        ( Secretaries of State    plural  )
1       n-count   In the United States, the Secretary of State is the head of the government department which deals with foreign affairs.  
usu the N in sing  
2       n-count   In Britain, the Secretary of State for a particular government department is the head of that department.  
usu the N in sing  
...the Secretary of State for Education.     
Solid-state electronic equipment is made using transistors or silicon chips, instead of valves or other mechanical parts.     (TECHNICAL)      adj   ADJ n  
State Department     
In the United States, the State Department is the government department that is concerned with foreign affairs.      n-proper   the N  
Officials at the State Department say the issue is urgent., ...a senior State Department official.     
state of affairs     
If you refer to a particular state of affairs, you mean the general situation and circumstances connected with someone or something.      n-sing   usu with supp  
This state of affairs cannot continue for too long, if parliament is to recover...     
state of mind        ( states of mind    plural  ) Your state of mind is your mood or mental state at a particular time.      n-count   usu sing, usu with supp  
I want you to get into a whole new state of mind...     
state of siege     
A state of siege is a situation in which a government or other authority puts restrictions on the movement of people into or out of a country, town, or building.      n-sing  
Under the state of siege, the police could arrest suspects without charges or warrants.     
If you describe something as state-of-the-art, you mean that it is the best available because it has been made using the most modern techniques and technology.      adj   usu ADJ n  
...the production of state-of-the-art military equipment.     
state school        ( state schools    plural  ) A state school is a school that is controlled and funded by the government or a local authority, and which children can attend without having to pay.  
  (BRIT)      n-count  
in AM, use public school     
welfare state     
In Britain and some other countries, the welfare state is a system in which the government provides free social services such as health and education and gives money to people when they are unable to work, for example because they are old, unemployed, or sick.      n-sing  

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terminal state n.
last days, hours or minutes of life
Medical term

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solid state drive
A solid-state drive (SSD) is believed to be a data storage device that uses solid-state memory to store persistent data.
state securities laws
1. Los Angeles or Hollywood, especially with regard to the film and television industry, in their reputed glamour and trendiness 2. a fanciful state or dreamworld [be in la-la land = a state of being out of touch with reality]
[US] [informal] 1. She's very fond of stories about life in la-la land 2. He's unrealistic about these issues and looks like he's in la-la land the whole time
The state of being acceptable or officially true; the statement that is powerful to convince someone something is right.
a person paid by the state to work in the interests of the nation who considers it to be a ‘right’ to be able abuse his or her authority to ensure personal gain for himself or herself at the expense of the nation…
neologism ... created on some blog
1. the state of being joined together 2. in logic, the connection of isolated facts by means of a general description or hypothesis which applies to them all
a satisfactory compromise between two opposed things ; a course of action or state that is between two extremes
Ex: There were solid arguments for both sides and after hours of endless discussions, a happy medium that could satisfy each camp was still to be struck
a state of connectivity to the cyberspace through a medium of internet or computer network
humanitarian compassive care for avoiding suffering of a terminal state patient
Medical term
a patient who lost is tracheal reflexes by general anesthesia or Coma ; state whos trache has been protected by a tube that permits artificial ventilation.
Medical term
to be left in a state of confusion or uncertainty
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