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1    absolute, arrant, bald, bare, blunt, consummate, downright, entire, flagrant, out-and-out, palpable, patent, pure, sheer, simple, unalloyed, unmitigated, utter  
2    austere, bare, barren, bleak, cold, depressing, desolate, drear     (literary)   dreary, forsaken, godforsaken, grim, hard, harsh, plain, severe, solitary, unadorned  
3    absolutely, altogether, clean, completely, entirely, quite, utterly, wholly  

buck naked     (slang)   in a state of nature, in one's birthday suit     (informal)   in the altogether     (informal)   in the bare scud     (slang)   in the buff     (informal)   in the raw     (informal)   naked, naked as the day one was born     (informal)   nude, scuddy     (slang)   stark, starkers     (informal)   stripped, unclad, undressed, without a stitch on     (informal)  
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  ( starker    comparative)   ( starkest    superlative  )
1       adj   Stark choices or statements are harsh and unpleasant.   (=harsh)  
UK companies face a stark choice if they want to stay competitive..., In his celebration speech, he issued a stark warning to Washington and other Western capitals.     
  starkly      adv   ADV with v, ADV adj  
The point is a starkly simple one.     
2       adj   If two things are in stark contrast to one another, they are very different from each other in a way that is very obvious.  
...secret cooperation between London and Washington that was in stark contrast to official policy.     
  starkly      adv   ADV with v, ADV adj  
The outlook now is starkly different.     
3       adj   Something that is stark is very plain in appearance.  
...the stark white, characterless fireplace in the drawing room.     
  starkly      adv   ADV adj, ADV with v  
The desert was luminous, starkly beautiful...     

stark naked     
Someone who is stark naked is completely naked.      adj   ADJ after v, v-link ADJ     (emphasis)    All contestants competed stark naked.     

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