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1    beat, crush, trample  
2    engrave, fix, impress, imprint, inscribe, mark, mould, print  
3    betray, brand, categorize, exhibit, identify, label, mark, pronounce, reveal, show to be, typecast  
4    brand, cast, earmark, hallmark, imprint, mark, mould, signature  
5    breed, cast, character, cut, description, fashion, form, kind, sort, type  

stamp collecting     
stamp out     
crush, destroy, eliminate, eradicate, extinguish, extirpate, put down, put out, quell, quench, scotch, suppress  
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  ( stamps    plural & 3rd person present)   ( stamping    present participle)   ( stamped    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-count   A stamp or a postage stamp is a small piece of paper which you lick and stick on an envelope or package before you post it to pay for the cost of the postage.  
...a book of stamps..., ...two first class stamps.     
    food stamp  
2       n-count   A stamp is a small block of wood or metal which has a pattern or a group of letters on one side. You press it onto an pad of ink and then onto a piece of paper in order to produce a mark on the paper. The mark that you produce is also called a stamp.  
...a date stamp and an ink pad..., You may live only where the stamp in your passport says you may.     
3       verb   If you stamp a mark or word on an object, you press the mark or word onto the object using a stamp or other device.  
Car manufacturers stamp a vehicle identification number at several places on new cars to help track down stolen vehicles...      V n prep  
`Eat before JULY 14' was stamped on the label.      V n prep  
4       verb   If you stamp or stamp your foot, you lift your foot and put it down very hard on the ground, for example because you are angry or because your feet are cold.  
Often he teased me till my temper went and I stamped and screamed, feeling furiously helpless...      V  
His foot stamped down on the accelerator...      V adv/prep  
She stamped her feet on the pavement to keep out the cold.      V n prep/adv, Also V n  
      Stamp is also a noun., n-count   usu sing  
...hearing the creak of a door and the stamp of cold feet.     
5       verb   If you stamp somewhere, you walk there putting your feet down very hard on the ground because you are angry.   (=stomp)  
`I'm going before things get any worse!' he shouted as he stamped out of the bedroom...      V prep/adv  
6       verb   If you stamp on something, you put your foot down on it very hard.  
He received the original ban last week after stamping on the referee's foot during the supercup final.      V on n  
7       n-sing   If something bears thestampof a particular quality or person, it clearly has that quality or was done by that person.  
usu the N of n   (=mark)  
Most of us want to make our home a familiar place and put the stamp of our personality on its walls.     
    rubber stamp   stamp on      phrasal verb   If someone stamps on a dishonest or undesirable activity, they act immediately to stop it happening or spreading.  
The tone of her voice was designed to stamp on this topic of conversation once and for all...      V P n   stamp out      phrasal verb   If you stamp out something bad that is happening, you make it stop.  
Dr Muffett stressed that he was opposed to bullying in schools and that action would be taken to stamp it out.      V n P  

food stamp        ( food stamps    plural  ) In the United States, food stamps are official vouchers that are given to people with low incomes to be exchanged for food.      n-count   usu pl  
postage stamp        ( postage stamps    plural  ) A postage stamp is a small piece of gummed paper that you buy from the post office and stick on an envelope or package before you post it.  
FORMAL      n-count   (=stamp)  
rubber stamp        ( rubber stamps    plural & 3rd person present)   ( rubber stamping    present participle)   ( rubber stamped    past tense & past participle  ) , rubber-stamp  
1       n-count   A rubber stamp is a small device with a name, date, or symbol on it. You press it on to an ink pad and then on to a document in order to show that the document has been officially dealt with.  
In Post Offices, virtually every document that's passed across the counter is stamped with a rubber stamp.     
2       verb   When someone in authority rubber-stamps a decision, plan, or law, they agree to it without thinking about it much.  
Parliament's job is to rubber-stamp his decisions...      V n  
stamp collecting     
Stamp collecting is the hobby of building up a collection of stamps.      n-uncount  
stamp duty     
In Britain, stamp duty is a tax that you pay to the government when you buy a house.      n-uncount  

Translation English Cobuild Collins Dictionary  

tramp stamp exp.
(colloquially) tattoo on the lower back

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