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1    pale, paling, palisade, picket, pole, post, spike, stave, stick  
2    brace, prop, secure, support, tether, tie up  
3      (often with)       out   define, delimit, demarcate, lay claim to, mark out, outline, reserve  
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stake          [2]  
1    ante, bet, chance, hazard, peril, pledge, risk, venture, wager  
2    claim, concern, interest, investment, involvement, share  
3    bet, chance, gamble, hazard, imperil, jeopardize, pledge, put on, risk, venture, wager  

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  ( stakes    plural & 3rd person present)   ( staking    present participle)   ( staked    past tense & past participle  )
1    If something is at stake, it is being risked and might be lost or damaged if you are not successful.  
at stake      phrase  
The tension was naturally high for a game with so much at stake..., At stake is the success or failure of world trade talks...     
2       n-plural   The stakes involved in a contest or a risky action are the things that can be gained or lost.  
oft supp N  
By arresting the organisation's two top leaders the government and the army have now raised the stakes...     
3       verb   If you stake something such as your money or your reputation on the result of something, you risk your money or reputation on it.  
He has staked his political future on an election victory...      V n on n  
4       n-count   If you have a stake in something such as a business, it matters to you, for example because you own part of it or because its success or failure will affect you.  
N in n  
He was eager to return to a more entrepreneurial role in which he had a big financial stake in his own efforts...     
5       n-plural   You can use stakes to refer to something that is like a contest. For example, you can refer to the choosing of a leader as the leadership stakes.  
the supp N  
Britain lags behind in the European childcare stakes.     
6       n-count   A stake is a pointed wooden post which is pushed into the ground, for example in order to support a young tree.   (=post)  
7    If you stake a claim, you say that something is yours or that you have a right to it.  
stake a claim      phrase   V inflects  
Jane is determined to stake her claim as an actress...      stake out      phrasal verb   If you stake out a position that you are stating or a claim that you are making, you are defending the boundaries or limits of the position or claim.  
Those who want to take child abuse seriously today must stake out a humane child protection practice...      V P n (not pron)  

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