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1    blemish, blot, colour, dirty, discolour, dye, mark, smirch, soil, spot, tarnish, tinge  
2    besmirch, blacken, contaminate, corrupt, defile, deprave, disgrace, drag through the mud, sully, taint  
3    blemish, blot, discoloration, dye, smirch, spot, tint  
4    blemish, blot on the escutcheon, disgrace, dishonour, infamy, reproach, shame, slur, stigma  
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  ( stains    plural & 3rd person present)   ( staining    present participle)   ( stained    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-count   A stain is a mark on something that is difficult to remove.  
oft supp N  
Remove stains by soaking in a mild solution of bleach., ...a black stain.     
2       verb   If a liquid stains something, the thing becomes coloured or marked by the liquid.  
Some foods can stain the teeth, as of course can smoking.      V n  
  stained      adj   usu v-link ADJ  
His clothing was stained with mud.     
  -stained      comb in adj fingers.     

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