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abiding, constant, deep-rooted, durable, enduring, established, fast, firm, fixed, immovable, immutable, invariable, lasting, permanent, reliable, secure, sound, staunch, steadfast, steady, strong, sturdy, sure, unalterable, unchangeable, unwavering, well-founded  
   changeable, deteriorating, erratic, excitable, fickle, frail, inconstant, insecure, irresolute, mercurial, mutable, over-emotional, shaky, shifting, temperamental, uncertain, unpredictable, unreliable, unstable, unsteady, variable, volatile, wavering  
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  ( stabler    comparative)   ( stablest    superlative)   ( stables    plural  )
1       adj   If something is stable, it is not likely to change or come to an end suddenly.  
The price of oil should remain stable for the rest of 1992., ...a stable marriage.     
  stability      n-uncount  
It was a time of political stability and progress.     
2       adj   If someone has a stable personality, they are calm and reasonable and their mood does not change suddenly.,   (Antonym: unstable)    Their characters are fully formed and they are both very stable children.     
3       adj   You can describe someone who is seriously ill as stable when their condition has stopped getting worse.  
The injured man was in a stable condition.     
4       adj   Chemical substances are described as stable when they tend to remain in the same chemical or atomic state.     (TECHNICAL)  
The less stable compounds were converted into a compound called Delta-A THC.     
5       adj   If an object is stable, it is firmly fixed in position and is not likely to move or fall.,   (Antonym: unstable)    This structure must be stable.     
6       n-count   A stable or stables is a building in which horses are kept.  
7       n-count   A stable or stables is an organization that breeds and trains horses for racing.  
Miss Curling won on two horses from Mick Trickey's stable.     
8       verb   When horses are stabled, they are put into a stable.  
usu passive  
The animals had been fed and stabled...      be V-ed  

stable boy        ( stable boys    plural  ) , stableboy   A stable boy is a young man who works in a stable looking after the horses.      n-count  
stable lad        ( stable lads    plural  ) , stable-lad   A stable lad is the same as a stable boy.  
  (BRIT)      n-count  
in AM, use stable boy     

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nurse manned MICU for stable intensive care patients
Wood where the log is first quartered lengthways, resulting in wedges with right angles in the centre of the log. Less prone to shrinkage and is more stable. Used in barrel-making.
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