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1    bayonet, cut, gore, impale, injure, jab, knife, pierce, puncture, run through, spear, spill blood, stick, thrust, transfix, wound  
2    stab in the back      betray, break faith with, deceive, do the dirty on     (Brit. slang)   double-cross     (informal)   give the Judas kiss to, inform on, let down, play false, sell, sell out     (informal)   slander  
3    gash, incision, jab, puncture, rent, thrust, wound  
4    ache, pang, prick, twinge  
5    make a stab at      attempt, endeavour, essay, give it one's best shot     (informal)   have a crack     (informal)   have a go, have a shot     (informal)   have a stab     (informal)   try, try one's hand at, venture  
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  ( stabs    3rd person present)   ( stabbing    present participle)   ( stabbed    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If someone stabs you, they push a knife or sharp object into your body.  
Somebody stabbed him in the stomach...      V n  
Stephen was stabbed to death in an unprovoked attack nearly five months ago.      V to n  
2       verb   If you stab something or stab at it, you push at it with your finger or with something pointed that you are holding.  
Bess stabbed a slice of cucumber...      V n  
Goldstone flipped through the pages and stabbed his thumb at the paragraph he was looking for...      V n at n  
He stabbed at the omelette with his fork.      V at n  
3       n-sing   If you have a stab at something, you try to do it.  
INFORMAL   a N at n/-ing  
Several tennis stars have had a stab at acting.     
4       n-sing   You can refer to a sudden, usually unpleasant feeling as a stab of that feeling.  
LITERARY   a N of n  
...a stab of pain just above his eye..., She felt a stab of pity for him.     
5    If you say that someone has stabbed you in the back, you mean that they have done something very harmful to you when you thought that you could trust them. You can refer to an action of this kind as a stab in the back.  
stab someone in the back      phrase   V inflects  
She felt betrayed, as though her daughter had stabbed her in the back...     
    a stab in the dark  

stab wound        ( stab wounds    plural  ) A stab wound is a wound that someone has when they have been stabbed with a knife.      n-count  

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