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broken-down, decayed, dirty, disgusting, fetid, filthy, foul, low, nasty, poverty-stricken, repulsive, run-down, seedy, sleazy, slovenly, slummy, sordid, unclean, yucky or yukky     (slang)  
   attractive, clean, genial, hygienic, in good condition, pleasant, salubrious, spick-and-span, spotless, tidy, well-kempt, well looked-after  
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1       adj   A squalid place is dirty, untidy, and in bad condition.  
He followed her up a rickety staircase to a squalid bedsit...     
2       adj   Squalid activities are unpleasant and often dishonest.,   (disapproval)    The Tory Party called the bill `the most squalid measure ever put before the Commons'.     

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