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band, company, crew, force, gang, group, team, troop  
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  ( squads    plural  )
1       n-count   A squad is a section of a police force that is responsible for dealing with a particular type of crime.  
usu sing, usu supp N  
The building was evacuated and the bomb squad called..., The club is under investigation by the fraud squad.     
2       n-count   A squad is a group of players from which a sports team will be chosen.  
Sean O'Leary has been named in the England squad to tour Argentina.     
3       n-count   A squadof soldiers is a small group of them.  
oft N of n  
...a squad of commandos.     
    death squad  
    firing squad  
    Flying Squad  
    vice squad  

death squad        ( death squads    plural  ) Death squads are groups of people who operate illegally and carry out the killing of people such as their political opponents or criminals.      n-count  
firing squad        ( firing squads    plural  ) A firing squad is a group of soldiers who are ordered to shoot and kill a person who has been found guilty of committing a crime.      n-count   also by N  
He was executing by firing squad.     
Flying Squad     
The Flying Squad is a group of police officers who are always ready to travel quickly to the scene of a serious crime.  
  (BRIT)      n-proper-coll   the N  
fraud squad        ( fraud squads    plural  ) Thefraud squad is a part of a police force whose job is to investigate crimes involving fraud.      n-count   oft N n  
squad car        ( squad cars    plural  ) A squad car is a car used by the police.  
  (AM)      n-count  
in BRIT, usually use patrol car, police car     
vice squad        ( vice squads    plural  ) Thevice squad is the section of a police force that deals with crime relating to pornography, prostitution, and gambling.      n-count   usu the N in sing, N n  
...ten vice-squad officers.     

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squalid, squander, square, squash

squad n.
Refers to a teen’s group of friends.
Usually employed as "squad goals": term used to describe who you want your group to be or what you want your group to accomplish.

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Term used to describe who one wants their group to be or what they want their group to accomplish.
[Slang] This has been made popular by Taylor Swift and her fleet of Twitter followers. "Oh my gosh, they are seriously squad goals!"
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