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1    animate, drive, goad, impel, incite, press, prick, prod, prompt, put a bomb under     (informal)   stimulate, urge  
2    goad, prick, rowel  
3    impetus, impulse, incentive, incitement, inducement, kick up the backside     (informal)   motive, stimulus  
4    on the spur of the moment      impetuously, impromptu, impulsively, on impulse, on the spot, unpremeditatedly, unthinkingly, without planning, without thinking  
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  ( spurs    plural & 3rd person present)   ( spurring    present participle)   ( spurred    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If one thing spurs you to do another, it encourages you to do it.   (=urge)  
It's the money that spurs these fishermen to risk a long ocean journey in their flimsy boats...      V n to-inf  
His friend's plight had spurred him into taking part.      V n to/into n/-ing  
      Spur on means the same as spur., phrasal verb  
Their attitude, rather than reining him back, only seemed to spur Philip on...      V n P  
Criticism can be of great use; we may not like it at the time, but it can spur us on to greater things.      V n P to n  
2       verb   If something spurs a change or event, it makes it happen faster or sooner.     (JOURNALISM)  
The administration may put more emphasis on spurring economic growth...      V n  
3       n-count   Something that acts as a spurto something else encourages a person or organization to do that thing or makes it happen more quickly.  
usu sing, oft N to n  
...a belief in competition as a spur to efficiency...     
4       n-count   Spurs are small metal wheels with sharp points that are attached to the heels of a rider's boots. The rider uses them to make their horse go faster.  
usu pl  
5       n-count   The spur of a hill or mountain is a piece of ground which sticks out from its side.  
6    If you do something on the spur of the moment, you do it suddenly, without planning it beforehand.  
on the spur of the moment      phrase   PHR after v, PHR n  
They admitted they had taken a vehicle on the spur of the moment...     


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