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      vb   bud, develop, germinate, grow, push, shoot, spring, vegetate  
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  ( sprouts    3rd person present)   ( sprouting    present participle)   ( sprouted    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   When plants, vegetables, or seeds sprout, they produce new shoots or leaves.  
It only takes a few days for beans to sprout.      V  
2       verb   When leaves, shoots, or plants sprout somewhere, they grow there.  
Leaf-shoots were beginning to sprout on the hawthorn...      V prep  
3       verb   If a garden or other area of land sprouts plants, they start to grow there.  
no passive  
...the garden, which had had time to sprout a shocking collection of weeds.      V n  
4       verb   If something such as hair sprouts from a person or animal, or if they sprout it, it grows on them.  
no passive  
She is very old now, with little, round, wire-rimmed glasses and whiskers sprouting from her chin...      V prep  
As well as sprouting a few grey hairs, Kevin seems to be suffering the occasional memory loss.      V n  
5       n-count   Sprouts are vegetables that look like tiny cabbages. They are also called brussels sprouts.  
usu pl  
6       n-count   Sprouts are new shoots on plants.  
usu pl  
After eleven days of growth the number of sprouts was counted.     

bean sprout        ( bean sprouts    plural  ) , beansprout   Bean sprouts are small, long, thin shoots grown from beans. They are frequently used in Chinese cookery.      n-count  
brussels sprout     ( brussels sprouts    plural  ) , Brussels sprout   Brussels sprouts are vegetables that look like tiny cabbages.      n-count   usu pl   (=sprout)  

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