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1    atomize, diffuse, scatter, shower, sprinkle  
2    drizzle, droplets, fine mist, moisture, spindrift, spoondrift  
3    aerosol, atomizer, sprinkler  
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spray          [2]  
      n   bough, branch, corsage, floral arrangement, shoot, sprig  

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  ( sprays    plural & 3rd person present)   ( spraying    present participle)   ( sprayed    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-var   Spray is a lot of small drops of water which are being thrown into the air.  
oft N from/of n  
The moon was casting a rainbow through the spray from the waterfall...     
2       n-mass   A spray is a liquid kept under pressure in a can or other container, which you can force out in very small drops.  
...hair spray., ...a can of insect spray.     
3       verb   If you spray a liquid somewhere or if it sprays somewhere, drops of the liquid cover a place or shower someone.  
A sprayer hooked to a tractor can spray five gallons onto ten acres...      V n prep/adv  
Two inmates hurled slates at prison officers spraying them with a hose...      V n with n  
Drops of blood sprayed across the room.      V prep  
4       verb   If a lot of small things spray somewhere or if something sprays them, they are scattered somewhere with a lot of force.  
A shower of mustard seeds sprayed into the air and fell into the grass...      V prep  
The intensity of the blaze shattered windows, spraying glass on the streets below...      V n prep  
The bullet slammed into the ceiling, spraying them with bits of plaster.      V n with n  
5       verb   If someone sprays bullets somewhere, they fire a lot of bullets at a group of people or things.  
He ran to the top of the building spraying bullets into shoppers below...      V n prep/adv  
The army lorries were sprayed with machine gun fire from guerrillas in the woods.      V n with n  
6       verb   If something is sprayed, it is painted using paint kept under pressure in a container.  
usu passive  
The bare metal was sprayed with several coats of primer.      be V-ed with n, Also V n colour  
7       verb   When someone sprays against insects, they cover plants or crops with a chemical which prevents insects feeding on them.  
He doesn't spray against pests or diseases...      V against n  
Confine the use of insecticides to the evening and do not spray plants that are in flower...      V n  
Because of the immunity of the immature insects, it's important to spray regularly.      V, Also V n prep  
8       n-count   A spray is a piece of equipment for spraying water or another liquid, especially over growing plants.  
9       n-count   A spray of flowers or leaves is a number of flowers or leaves on one stem or branch.  
N of n  
...a small spray of freesias.     

spray can        ( spray cans    plural  ) , spray-can   A spray can is a small metal container containing liquid such as paint under pressure so that it can be sprayed.      n-count   (=aerosol)  
spray gun        ( spray guns    plural  ) , spray-gun   A spray gun is a piece of equipment which you use to spray paint under pressure onto a surface.      n-count  
spray paint        ( spray paints    plural & 3rd person present)   ( spray painting    present participle)   ( spray painted    past tense & past participle  ) , spray-paint  
1       n-mass   Spray paint is paint bought in a special can which you spray on a surface by pressing a button on the top of the can.  
The walls have been horribly vandalized with spray paint.     
2       verb   If you spray paint a surface, you paint it using spray paint. If you spray paint something on a surface, you paint it on that surface using spray paint.  
The youths are taught how to spray paint cars and mend fences...      V n  
He spray-painted his name on the wall.      V n on n  

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a leaky tap that tends to spray water over ones trousers whenever used.
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