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      vb   argue, bicker, dispute, exchange blows, fall out     (informal)   have a tiff, lead a cat-and-dog life, row, scrap     (informal)   skirmish, spat     (U.S.)   squabble, wrangle, wrestle  
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  ( spars    plural & 3rd person present)   ( sparring    present participle)   ( sparred    past tense & past participle  )
1       v-recip   If you sparwith someone, you box using fairly gentle blows instead of hitting your opponent hard, either when you are training or when you want to test how quickly your opponent reacts.  
With protective gear on you can spar with a partner...      V with n  
They sparred for a moment, on the brink of a full fight.      pl-n V  
2       v-recip   If you sparwith someone, you argue with them but not in an aggressive or serious way.  
Over the years he sparred with his friend Jesse Jackson over political tactics...      V with n  
They had always gotten along, even when they sparred.      pl-n V  

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