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1    acerb, acetic, acid, acidulated, bitter, pungent, sharp, tart, unpleasant  
2    bad, curdled, fermented, gone off, rancid, turned, unsavoury, unwholesome  
3    acrid, acrimonious, churlish, crabbed, cynical, disagreeable, discontented, embittered, grouchy     (informal)   grudging, ill-natured, ill-tempered, jaundiced, peevish, tart, ungenerous, waspish  
4    alienate, disenchant, embitter, envenom, exacerbate, exasperate, turn off     (informal)  
,       adj  
1    agreeable, bland, mild, pleasant, savoury, sugary, sweet  
2    fresh, unimpaired, unspoiled  
3    affable, amiable, congenial, friendly, genial, good-humoured, good-natured, good-tempered, pleasant, warm-hearted  
      vb   enhance, improve, strengthen  
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  ( sours    3rd person present)   ( souring    present participle)   ( soured    past tense & past participle  )
1       adj   Something that is sour has a sharp, unpleasant taste like the taste of a lemon.  
The stewed apple was sour even with honey.     
    sweet and sour  
2       adj   Sour milk is milk that has an unpleasant taste because it is no longer fresh.,   (Antonym: fresh)   
3       adj   Someone who is sour is bad-tempered and unfriendly.  
She made a sour face in his direction...     
  sourly      adv   ADV with v  
`Leave my mother out of it,' he said sourly.     
4       adj   If a situation or relationship turnssour or goessour, it stops being enjoyable or satisfactory.  
Even the European dream is beginning to turn sour..., Their songs are filled with tales of love gone sour.     
5       verb   If a friendship, situation, or attitude sours or if something sours it, it becomes less friendly, enjoyable, or hopeful.  
If anything sours the relationship, it is likely to be real differences in their world-views...      V n  
Her mood soured a little.      V  
6    If you refer to someone's attitude as sour grapes, you mean that they say that something is worthless or undesirable because they want it themselves but cannot have it.  
sour grapes      phrase  
Page's response to the suggestion that this might be sour grapes because his company lost the bid is: `Life's too short for that.'     

sour cream      , soured cream  
Sour cream is cream that has been artificially made sour by being mixed with bacteria. It is used in cooking.      n-uncount  
sweet and sour      , sweet-and-sour  
Sweet and sour is used to describe Chinese food that contains both a sweet flavour and something sharp or sour such as lemon or vinegar.      adj   ADJ n  

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scour, source, sourpuss, savour

turn sour exp.
1 (referring to taste) ferment, acidify; 2. (fig.) deteriorate, fall apart
1. The milk turned sour. 2. The relation between them turned sour.

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