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1    dirty, filthy, foul, mean, seamy, seedy, sleazy, slovenly, slummy, squalid, unclean, wretched  
2    base, debauched, degenerate, degraded, despicable, disreputable, low, shabby, shameful, vicious, vile  
3    avaricious, corrupt, covetous, grasping, mercenary, miserly, niggardly, selfish, self-seeking, ungenerous, venal  
   blameless, clean, decent, fresh, honourable, noble, pure, spotless, squeaky-clean, unblemished, undefiled, unsullied, upright  
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1       adj   If you describe someone's behaviour as sordid, you mean that it is immoral or dishonest.,   (disapproval)    I don't want to hear the sordid details of your relationship with Sandra...     
2       adj   If you describe a place as sordid, you mean that it is dirty, unpleasant, or depressing.,   (disapproval)    (=seedy)  
...the attic windows of their sordid little rooms.     

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