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  ( sons    plural  )
1       n-count   Someone's son is their male child.  
oft with poss  
He shared a pizza with his son Laurence..., Sam is the seven-year-old son of Eric Davies..., They have a son.     
2       n-count   A man, especially a famous man, can be described as a son of the place he comes from.     (JOURNALISM)   with poss  
...New Orleans's most famous son, Louis Armstrong., ...sons of Africa.     
3       n-voc   Some people use son as a form of address when they are showing kindness or affection to a boy or a man who is younger than them.  
INFORMAL, feelings   Don't be frightened by failure, son.     

son et lumière     
Son et lumière is an entertainment which is held at night in an old building such as a castle. A person describes the history of the place, and at the same time different parts of the building are brightly lit and music is played.      n-sing  
son-in-law        ( sons-in-law    plural  ) Someone's son-in-law is the husband of their daughter.      n-count   usu poss N  
son of a bitch        ( sons of bitches    plural  ) , son-of-a-bitch   If someone is very angry with another person, or if they want to insult them, they sometimes call them a son of a bitch.  
INFORMAL, VERY RUDE      n-count  

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son of a bitch
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