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1    desolate, hidden, isolated, lonely, out-of-the-way, remote, retired, secluded, sequestered, unfrequented, unvisited  
2    alone, lone, single, sole  
3    cloistered, companionless, friendless, hermitical, lonely, lonesome, reclusive, unsociable, unsocial  
4    hermit, introvert, loner     (informal)   lone wolf, recluse  
,       adj  
1    bustling, busy, frequented, public, well-frequented  
3    companionable, convivial, cordial, gregarious, outgoing, sociable, social  
      n   extrovert, mixer, socialite  
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1       adj   A person or animal that is solitary spends a lot of time alone.  
usu ADJ n  
Paul was a shy, pleasant, solitary man..., They often have a lonely and solitary life to lead.     
2       adj   A solitary activity is one that you do alone.  
ADJ n  
His evenings were spent in solitary drinking.     
3       adj   A solitary person or object is alone, with no others near them.  
ADJ n   (=lone)  
...the occasional solitary figure making a study of wildflowers or grasses.     

solitary confinement     
A prisoner who is insolitary confinement is being kept alone away from all other prisoners, usually as a punishment.      n-uncount   usu in N  
Last night he was being held in solitary confinement in Douglas jail.     

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