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1    earnest, glum, grave, portentous, sedate, serious, sober, staid, thoughtful  
2    august, awe-inspiring, ceremonial, ceremonious, dignified, formal, grand, grave, imposing, impressive, majestic, momentous, stately  
3    devotional, hallowed, holy, religious, reverential, ritual, sacred, sanctified, venerable  
1 & 2    bright, cheerful, chirpy     (informal)   comical, frivolous, genial, happy, informal, jovial, light-hearted, merry, relaxed, unceremonious  
3    irreligious, irreverent, unholy  
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1       adj   Someone or something that is solemn is very serious rather than cheerful or humorous.   (=serious)  
His solemn little face broke into smiles..., He looked solemn.     
  solemnity      n-uncount  
The setting for this morning's signing ceremony matched the solemnity of the occasion.     
2       adj   A solemn promise or agreement is one that you make in a very formal, sincere way.  
...a solemn pledge that he would never remarry.     

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