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enlisted man     (U.S.)   fighter, GI     (U.S. informal)   man-at-arms, military man, redcoat, serviceman, squaddie or squaddy     (Brit. slang)   Tommy     (Brit. informal)   trooper, warrior  
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  ( soldiers    plural & 3rd person present)   ( soldiering    present participle)   ( soldiered    past tense & past participle  ) A soldier is a person who works in an army, especially a person who is not an officer.      n-count   soldier on      phrasal verb   If you soldier on at something, you continue to do it although it is difficult or unpleasant.  
The government has soldiered on as if nothing were wrong.      V P  

foot soldier        ( foot soldiers    plural  ) The foot soldiers of a particular organization are people who seem unimportant and who do not have a high position but who do a large amount of very important and often very boring work.      n-count  
private soldier        ( private soldiers    plural  ) A private soldier is a soldier of the lowest rank in an army or the marines.  
FORMAL      n-count  

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