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be a good mixer, break the ice, entertain, fraternize, get about or around, get together, go out, mix  
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  ( socializes    3rd person present)   ( socializing    present participle)   ( socialized    past tense & past participle  )
in BRIT, also use socialise     
1       verb   If you socialize, you meet other people socially, for example at parties. open meeting, where members socialized and welcomed any new members...      V  
It distressed her that she and Charles no longer socialized with old friends.      V with n  
  socializing      n-uncount  
The hours were terrible, so socialising was difficult.     
2       verb   When people, especially children, are socialized, they are made to behave in a way which is acceptable in their culture or society.     (TECHNICAL)   usu passive  
You may have been socialized to do as you are told...      be V-ed  

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