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1    glide, skate, slide, slither  
2    fall, lose one's balance, miss or lose one's footing, skid, trip (over)  
3    conceal, creep, hide, insinuate oneself, sneak, steal  
4      (sometimes with)       up   blunder, boob     (Brit. slang)   drop a brick or clanger     (informal)   err, go wrong, make a mistake, miscalculate, misjudge, mistake  
5    break away from, break free from, disappear, escape, get away, get clear of, take French leave  
6    let slip      blurt out, come out with     (informal)   disclose, divulge, give away, leak, let out     (informal)   let the cat out of the bag, reveal  
7    bloomer     (Brit. informal)   blunder, boob     (Brit. slang)   error, failure, fault, faux pas, imprudence, indiscretion, lapse, mistake, omission, oversight, slip of the tongue, slip-up     (informal)  
8    give (someone) the slip      dodge, elude, escape from, evade, get away from, lose (someone), outwit, shake (someone) off  
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