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1    lean, narrow, slender, slight, svelte, sylphlike, thin, trim  
2    faint, poor, remote, slender, slight  
3    diet, lose weight, reduce, slenderize     (chiefly U.S.)  
,       adj  
1    broad, bulky, chubby, fat, heavy, muscular, obese, overweight, sturdy, tubby, well-built, wide  
2    good, strong  
      vb   build oneself up, put on weight  
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  ( slimmer    comparative)   ( slimmest    superlative)   ( slims    3rd person present)   ( slimming    present participle)   ( slimmed    past tense & past participle  )
1       adj   A slim person has an attractively thin and well-shaped body.,   (approval)    The young woman was tall and slim..., Jean is pretty, of slim build, with blue eyes.     
2       verb   If you are slimming, you are trying to make yourself thinner and lighter by eating less food.  
Some people will gain weight, no matter how hard they try to slim...      V, Also V n  
      Slim down means the same as slim., phrasal verb  
Doctors have told Benny to slim down.      V P treatments that claim to slim down thighs.      V P n  
3       adj   A slim book, wallet, or other object is thinner than usual.  
usu ADJ n  
The slim booklets describe a range of services and facilities...     
4       adj   A slim chance or possibility is a very small one.   (=faint)  
There's still a slim chance that he may become Prime Minister.     
5       verb   If an organization slims its products or workers, it reduces the number of them that it has.     (BUSINESS)  
The company recently slimmed its product line.      V n   slim down  
1       phrasal verb   If a company or other organization slims down or is slimmed down, it employs fewer people, in order to save money or become more efficient.     (BUSINESS)  
Many firms have had little choice but to slim down.      V P  
...the plan to slim down the coal industry.      V P n (not pron)  
    slim 2  

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