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1    lean, narrow, slight, slim, svelte, sylphlike, willowy  
2    inadequate, inconsiderable, insufficient, little, meagre, scant, scanty, small, spare  
3    faint, feeble, flimsy, fragile, poor, remote, slight, slim, tenuous, thin, weak  
1    bulky, chubby, fat, heavy, large, podgy, stout, tubby, well-built  
2    ample, appreciable, considerable, generous, large, substantial  
3    good, solid, strong  
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1       adj   A slender person is attractively thin and graceful.  
WRITTEN, approval   She was slender, with delicate wrists and ankles., ...a tall, slender figure in a straw hat...     
2       adj   You can use slender to describe a situation which exists but only to a very small degree.  
WRITTEN   usu ADJ n   (=slim)  
The United States held a slender lead...     

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