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      n   bondservant, bondsman, drudge, scullion     (archaic)   serf, servant, skivvy     (chiefly Brit.)   slavey     (Brit. informal)   varlet     (archaic)   vassal, villein  
      vb   drudge, grind     (informal)   skivvy     (Brit.)   slog, sweat, toil, work one's fingers to the bone  
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  ( slaves    plural & 3rd person present)   ( slaving    present participle)   ( slaved    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-count   A slave is someone who is the property of another person and has to work for that person.  
The state of Liberia was formed a century and a half ago by freed slaves from the United States.     
2       n-count   You can describe someone as a slave when they are completely under the control of another person or of a powerful influence.  
with supp  
Movie stars used to be slaves to the studio system.     
3       verb   If you say that a person is slavingover something or is slavingfor someone, you mean that they are working very hard.  
When you're busy all day the last thing you want to do is spend hours slaving over a hot stove.      V over n  
      Slave away means the same as slave., phrasal verb  
He stares at the hundreds of workers slaving away in the intense sun.      V P   slave away  
    slave 3  

slave labour  
in AM, use slave labor     
1       n-uncount   Slave labour refers to slaves or to work done by slaves.  
The children were used as slave labour in gold mines in the jungle...     
2       n-uncount   If people work very hard for long hours for very little money, you can refer to it as slave labour.,   (disapproval)    He's been forced into slave labour at burger bars to earn a bit of cash.     
slave trade     
The slave trade is the buying and selling of slaves, especially Black Africans, from the 16th to the 19th centuries.      n-sing   the N  
...profits from the slave trade.     

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slaver, slavery, salve, save

enslaved adj.
brought into servitude; slave to someone

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