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      vb   cut, gash, hack, lacerate, rend, rip, score, slit  
      n   cut, gash, incision, laceration, rent, rip, slit  
      vb   cut, drop, lower, reduce  
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  ( slashes    plural & 3rd person present)   ( slashing    present participle)   ( slashed    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If you slash something, you make a long, deep cut in it.  
He came within two minutes of bleeding to death after slashing his wrists.      V n  
      Slash is also a noun., n-count  
Make deep slashes in the meat and push in the spice paste.     
2       verb   If you slashat a person or thing, you quickly hit at them with something such as a knife.  
He slashed at her, aiming carefully.      V at n  
3       verb   To slash something such as costs or jobs means to reduce them by a large amount.     (JOURNALISM)   (=cut)  
Car makers could be forced to slash prices after being accused of overcharging yesterday...      V n  
4    You say slash to refer to a sloping line that separates letters, words, or numbers. For example, if you are giving the number 340/2/K you say `Three four zero, slash two, slash K.'  

slash and burn      , slash-and-burn  
Slash and burn is a method of farming that involves clearing land by destroying and burning all the trees and plants on it, farming there for a short time, and then moving on to clear a new piece of land.      n-uncount   usu N n  
Traditional slash and burn farming methods have exhausted the soil.     

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