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1    baggy, easy, flaccid, flexible, lax, limp, loose, not taut, relaxed  
2    asleep on the job     (informal)   easy-going, idle, inactive, inattentive, lax, lazy, neglectful, negligent, permissive, remiss, slapdash, slipshod, tardy  
3    dull, inactive, quiet, slow, slow-moving, sluggish  
4    excess, give     (informal)   leeway, looseness, play, room  
5    bob off     (Brit. slang)   dodge, flag, idle, neglect, relax, shirk, skive     (Brit. slang)   slacken  
,       adj  
1    inflexible, rigid, stiff, strained, stretched, taut, tight  
2 & 3    active, bustling, busy, concerned, diligent, exacting, fast-moving, hard, hard-working, hectic, meticulous, stern, strict  
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  ( slacker    comparative)   ( slackest    superlative)   ( slacks    3rd person present)   ( slacking    present participle)   ( slacked    past tense & past participle  )
1       adj   Something that is slack is loose and not firmly stretched or tightly in position.  
The boy's jaw went slack.     
2       adj   A slack period is one in which there is not much work or activity.   (=quiet)  
The workload can be evened out, instead of the shop having busy times and slack periods.     
3       adj   Someone who is slack in their work does not do it properly.,   (disapproval)    Many publishers have simply become far too slack.     
  slackness      n-uncount  
He accused the government of slackness and complacency.     
4       verb   If someone is slacking, they are not working as hard as they should.  
only cont     (disapproval)    He had never let a foreman see him slacking.      V  
      Slack off means the same as slack., phrasal verb  
If someone slacks off, Bill comes down hard.      V P  
5    To take up the slack or pick up the slack means to do or provide something that another person or organization is no longer doing or providing.  
take up the slack/pick up the slack      phrase   V inflects  
As major airlines give up less-traveled routes, smaller planes are picking up the slack.     

If you say that someone is slack-jawed, you mean that their mouth is hanging open, often because they are surprised.      adj  
He just gazed at me slack-jawed.     

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