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be mean with, be niggardly, be sparing with, cut corners, pinch, scamp, scant, scrimp, stint, tighten one's belt, withhold  
   act as if one had money to burn, be extravagant, be generous with, be prodigal, blow     (slang)   fritter away, lavish, overspend, pour on, splurge, squander, throw money away  
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  ( skimps    3rd person present)   ( skimping    present participle)   ( skimped    past tense & past participle  ) If you skimp on something, you use less time, money, or material for it than you really need, so that the result is not good enough.      verb   (=scrimp)  
Many families must skimp on their food and other necessities just to meet the monthly rent.      V on n  

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