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1    cream, separate  
2    brush, coast, dart, float, fly, glide, sail, soar  
3      (usually with)       through   glance, run one's eye over, scan, skip     (informal)   thumb or leaf through  
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  ( skims    3rd person present)   ( skimming    present participle)   ( skimmed    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If you skim something from the surface of a liquid, you remove it.  
Rough seas today prevented specially equipped ships from skimming oil off the water's surface...      V n off/from n  
Skim off the fat.      V n with off  
2       verb   If something skims a surface, it moves quickly along just above it.  
...seagulls skimming the waves...      V n  
The little boat was skimming across the sunlit surface of the bay.      V over/across n  
3       verb   If you skim a piece of writing, you read through it quickly.  
He skimmed the pages quickly, then read them again more carefully...      V n  
I only had time to skim through the script before I flew over here.      V through n   skim off      phrasal verb   If someone skims off the best part of something, or money which belongs to other people, they take it for themselves.  
He has been accused of skimming the cream off the economy...      V n P n  
Rich Italian clubs such as AC Milan cannot simply skim off all of Europe's stars...      V P n (not pron)  

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