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      n   beach, coast, foreshore, lakeside, sands, seaboard     (chiefly U.S.)   seashore, strand     (poetic)   waterside  

shore (up)     
augment, brace, buttress, hold, prop, reinforce, strengthen, support, underpin  
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  ( shores    plural & 3rd person present)   ( shoring    present participle)   ( shored    past tense & past participle  ) The shores or the shore of a sea, lake, or wide river is the land along the edge of it. Someone who is on shore is on the land rather than on a ship.      n-count   also prep N  
They walked down to the shore., ...elephants living on the shores of Lake Kariba..., I have spent less time on shore than most men...      shore up      phrasal verb   If you shore up something that is weak or about to fail, you do something in order to strengthen it or support it.  
The democracies of the West may find it hard to shore up their defences.      V P n (not pron)  

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adj 1 able to live both on land and in the water, as frogs, toads, etc. 2 designed for operation on or from both water and land 3 relating to military forces and equipment organized for operations launched from the sea against an enemy shore 4 having a dual or mixed nature
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