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abominable, appalling, atrocious, detestable, disgraceful, disgusting, disquieting, distressing, dreadful, foul, frightful, from hell     (informal)   ghastly, hellacious     (U.S. slang)   hideous, horrible, horrifying, loathsome, monstrous, nauseating, obscene, odious, offensive, outrageous, repulsive, revolting, scandalous, sickening, stupefying, unspeakable, X-rated     (informal)  
   admirable, decent, delightful, excellent, expected, fine, first-rate, gratifying, honourable, laudable, marvellous, pleasant, praiseworthy, satisfying, unsurprising, wonderful  
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1       adj   You can say that something is shocking if you think that it is very bad.  

The media coverage was shocking...     
  shockingly      adv   ADV adj/adv  
His memory was becoming shockingly bad.     
2       adj   You can say that something is shocking if you think that it is morally wrong.  
oft it v-link ADJ that/to-inf  
It is shocking that nothing was said...     
  shockingly      adv  
Shockingly, this useless and dangerous surgery did not end until the 1930s.     

shocking pink     
Something that is shocking pink is very bright pink.      colour  
...a shocking-pink T-shirt.     

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