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avoid, bob off     (Brit. slang)   body-swerve     (Scot.)   dodge, duck (out of)     (informal)   evade, get out of, scrimshank     (Brit. military slang)   shun, sidestep, skive     (Brit. slang)   slack  
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  ( shirks    3rd person present)   ( shirking    present participle)   ( shirked    past tense & past participle  ) If someone does not shirk their responsibility or duty, they do what they have a responsibility to do.      verb   usu with neg  
We in the Congress can't shirk our responsibility...      V n  
The Government will not shirk from considering the need for further action.      V from -ing/n, Also V  

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shirker, shriek, shrink, smirk

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