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cloistered, conventual, ensconced, hermitic, isolated, protected, quiet, reclusive, retired, screened, secluded, shaded, shielded, withdrawn  
   exposed, laid bare, made public, open, public, unconcealed, unprotected, unsheltered  
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1       adj   A sheltered place is protected from wind and rain.  
...a shallow-sloping beach next to a sheltered bay.     
2       adj   If you say that someone has led a sheltered life, you mean that they have been protected from difficult or unpleasant experiences.  
usu ADJ n  
Perhaps I've just led a really sheltered life...     
3       adj   Sheltered accommodation or work is designed for old or disabled people. It allows them to be independent but also allows them to get help when they need it.  
ADJ n  
For the last few years I have been living in sheltered accommodation.     

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