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egoistic, egoistical, egotistic, egotistical, greedy, looking out for number one     (informal)   mean, mercenary, narrow, self-centred, self-interested, self-seeking, ungenerous  
   altruistic, benevolent, considerate, generous, magnanimous, philanthropic, self-denying, selfless, self-sacrificing, ungrudging, unselfish  
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If you say that someone is selfish, you mean that he or she cares only about himself or herself, and not about other people.      adj  
I think I've been very selfish. I've been mainly concerned with myself., ...the selfish interests of a few people.     
  selfishly      adv   usu ADV with v  
Cabinet Ministers are selfishly pursuing their own vested interests.     
  selfishness      n-uncount   usu with supp  
The arrogance and selfishness of different interest groups never ceases to amaze me.     

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to show in an improper or selfish way that you are happy with your own success or another person's failure
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