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1    bag, bulge, cave in, dip, droop, drop, fall, fall unevenly, give way, hang loosely, seat     (of skirts, etc.)   settle, sink, slump, swag  
2    decline, droop, fall, flag, slide, slip, slump, wane, weaken, wilt  
3    decline, depression, dip, downturn, drop, fall, lapse, slip, slump  
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  ( sags    3rd person present)   ( sagging    present participle)   ( sagged    past tense  )
1       verb   When something sags, it hangs down loosely or sinks downwards in the middle.  
The shirt's cuffs won't sag and lose their shape after washing...      V  
He sat down in the sagging armchair.      V-ing  
2       verb   When part of someone's body begins to sag, it starts to become less firm and hang down.  
He is heavily built, but beginning to sag.      V  
3       verb   To sag means to become weaker.   (=flag)  
The pound continued to sag despite four interventions by the Bank of England...      V  

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