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wafery waffle waffler waft wag {1}
wag {2} wage waged wager waggish
waggishly waggle waggon {etc} Wagnerian wagon
wagonload wagtail waif waif-like wail
wailing wainscot waist-deep waist-high waistband
waistcoat waistline wait around wait behind wait in
wait out wait upon waitressing wake {1} wake {2}
wake up wake-up call waken wakey-wakey waking
Waldorf salad walk off walk off with walk up walking-on
Walkman walkover walkway Wall Street wall up
wall-covering wall-mounted wall-to-wall warplane warrant
warrantable warranted warrantor warranty warren
warring warrior Warsaw warship warthog
wartime warty wary wash away wash down
wash off wash out wash over wash through wash up
wash-and-wear wash-hand basin Wash. washable washbasin
washboard washbowl washcloth washday washed-out
washed-up washroom wassail wastage wastebasket
wasted wastefully watch {1} watchcase watchdog
watchfully watchstrap watchtower watchword water-repellent
water-resistant wear through wearable wearer wearily
wearing wearisome weasel weather-beaten weather-bound
weatherboard weathercock weathered weatherman weatherproof
weatherwoman weave weaver weaving web {2}
Web web-footed webbed webbing webcam
webcast weblog webmail webmaster website
webspace webzine Wed. wedded wedding
wedge in wedge-shaped Weds. weekday weeknight
weenie weever weevil weft weigh down
weigh in weigh up weigh-in weighbridge weighing machine
weight down weight-train weightlifter weightlifting welding
went weren't werewolf Wesleyan Wesleyanism
West German West Indian west-facing west-northwest west-southwest
westbound westerner westernization westernize westernized
westernmost Westminster wet wet-look wetback
wether wetland wetness wetting WEU
WEU WFP WFTU whacked whacking
whacky whaler whammy what's-her-name what's-his-name
what-d'you-call-her what-d'you-call-it what-ho whatnot whatsoever
wheatear wheaten wheatgerm wheedling wheelbase
wheelbrace wheeler-dealer wheelhouse wheelwright wheeze
wheezing whence whereabouts whereat whereby
whereon wheresoever whereupon whiting {2} whitish
whitlow Whitsun Whitsuntide whittle whittle away
whittle down whiz WHO who'd who'll
who're who's who've whoa whodunit
whoever whole whole-grain whole-wheat wholefood
wholehearted wholeheartedly wholeheartedness wholemeal wholeness
wholesale wholesaler wholesaling wholesome wholesomeness
wholly whom whomever whomsoever whoop

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