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rent {2} rent-a-mob rent-controlled rent-free rental
renumber renunciation reorder reorganization reorganize
rep {3} repaint repairable repairer repairman
repaper reparation repartee repass repast
repatriation repayable repeating repechage repentant
repeople repertoire repertory repetition reran
reread reredos reroof reroute rerun
resale resat reschedule rescheduling rescind
rescission rescue rescuer resealable research
researcher reseat resection resell resemblance
resemble resentful resentfully resentment reservation
reservist reservoir resettle resettlement reshape
reshuffle residence resignation resigned resignedly
resin resinous resistance resister resistible
resistor resit reskill resold resole
resoluteness resonance resonate resonator resort
resound resounding resoundingly respectable respectably
respected respecter respectful respectfully respectfulness
respective respectively respiration retract retractable
retraction retrain retraining retransmit retread
retreat retrench retrenchment retrial retribution
retributive retrieval retrieve retriever retro...
retroactive retrofit retroflex retrograde retrogress
retrogression retrogressive retrorocket retrospectively retroussé
retrovirus retry retune returnable returnee
returner returning officer retype reunify reunion
reunite revealingly reveille revenger revenue
reverberate reverberator reverend reverential reverently
reverse reverse-engineer reversible revetment revictual
revisit richly richness Richter scale rick {1}
rick {2} rickets rickety rickshaw ricochet
rictus riddance riddle {1} riddle {2} ride about
ride away ride back ride behind ride by ride down
ride off ride on ride out ride up ridicule
ridiculously rifle {2} rifling rig up right-angled
right-click right-hander right-ho right-minded right-thinking
right-to-life righteously rightfully rightism rightist
rightness rightsizing rightward rightwards rigid
rigidity rigidly rigmarole rigor mortis rime {1}
rime {2} rimless ring down ring in ring off
ring out roadholding roadhouse roadie roadmaking
roadman roadmender roadshow roadside roadstead
roadster roadway roadworks roadworthy roam
roam about roamer roaming roan roaring
roaster roasting robber robbery Robert
robin rock {2} rock 'n' roll rock-hard rock-steady
rocker rockery rocket-propelled rocketry rockfish
Rockies rococo rodeo Roderick rodomontade
roe {1} roger roguery roguish roguishly
ROI roil roister roisterer Roland

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