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RDA RDC re-echo re-edit re-educate
re-education re-elect re-election re-eligible re-embark
re-embarkation re-emerge re-enter re-equip re-erect
re-establish re-establishment rearm rearmament rearmost
rearward rearwards reason out reason with reasonableness
reasonably reasoned reasoning reassemble reassembly
reassert reassertion reassess reassessment reassurance
reassure reassuring reassuringly reawaken reawakening
REB rebarbative rebellion rebirth rebuff
rebuttal rec't recalcitrance recalcitrant recall
recantation recapitalization recapitalize recapitulation recapture
recce recd. receding receivable received
recent recently receptacle reception receptionist
recessionary recidivist reciprocal reciprocally reciprocate
recumbent recuperate recuperation recuperative recurrence
recurrent recurring recursive recursively recusant
recyclable recycle recycling red-berried red-blooded
red-card red-eyed red-faced red-haired red-handed
red-headed red-hot red-letter red-light district redbrick
redcap redcoat redden reddish redecorate
redecoration redeem redeemable Redeemer redeeming
redemption redemptive redeploy redeployment redesign
redhead redial redid redirect rediscover
rediscovery redneck redolent redraw redshank
redstart reduced redundance redundancy redundant
reduplicate reduplication reduplicative redwing redwood
redye reef {1} reef {2} reefer {1} reefer {2}
regeneration regenerative regent reggae regicide
régime regimen regiment regimental regimentation
Reginald region regional regionalism regionalist
register registered registrar registration registry
Regius regress regression regressive regret
regretful regretfully regrettable regrettably Regt.
regularize regulative Regulo regurgitate regurgitation
rehab rehabilitate rehabilitation rehearsal rehearse
reheat reification reify reign reigning
reiki reimburse reimbursement reimpose rein back
rein in reincarnate reincarnation reindeer reinforcement
reinsert reinstate reinstatement reintegration reinter
reinvent reinvest reinvestment reinvigorate reissue
reiterate reiteration reiterative reject rejection
rejig rejoice rejoicing rejoin {1} rejoin {2}
rejoinder rejuvenate rejuvenation rekindle remorselessness
remote remote-controlled remotely remoteness remould
remount removal remove removed remover
remunerate remuneration remunerative renaissance Renaissance
rename renascence renascent renationalization renationalize
render down render up rendezvous rendition renegade
renege renewal renewed rennet renounce
renouncement renovate renovation renowned rent {1}

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