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breakdown breakfast breaking breaking-up breakthrough
breakwater bream breastplate breastwork breathable
Breathalyser breathe in breather breathing breathlessly
breathlessness breathy breeches breeks Bren carrier
breve brevity brew up brew-up brewery
brick-red bridegroom bridesmaid bridge {1} bridge {2}
briefer brier broken broken-down broken-hearted
brokenly brokerage bromide bromine bronchopneumonia
bronchus bronco broncobuster brontosaurus bronze
bronzed bronzing broodings broody brook {1}
brook {2} brooklet broomstick Bros. brothel
brother-in-arms brother-in-law brotherly brougham browbeat
brown off brown-nose browned-off brownfield brownie
browning Brownshirt browser brucellosis brunt
brush against brush away brush down brush past brush up
brush-up brushed brushstroke brushwork Brussels
brutality brutalize BSA BSB bulb
bulbous Bulgar Bulgaria Bulgarian bulge
bulimia bulimic bulldog bulletin bulletproof
bullfinch bullish bullock bully {2} bully off
bully-boy bulrush bumbling bump off bumper {1}
bumph bumpkin bumpy bunch up bundle off
bung out bungee jumping bunghole bungled bungler
bungling bungy jumping bunion bunk {1} Bunsen burner
bunting {1} bunting {2} buoy buoy up buoyancy
buoyant bustle {1} bustle {2} bustling busty
busway busy busybody butane butt {1}
butt {2} butt {3} butt {4} butt into butt out
butter up butterball buttermilk butterscotch buttoned-up
buxom buy back buzzard by-road by-your-leave
bye {2} bye-election bypass byre byword
c {2} C {1} C {2} C & W C and F
C of C C of E C of I C of S C.-in-C.
C.14 c.h. C.I. calcifugous calcify
calcium calculable calculate calculate on calculated
calculating calculus Calcutta calendar calf {1}
calf {2} caliber calibre Calif. calipers
calisthenics call away call back call down call for
call forth call in call on call over call round
call together callipers callisthenics callous calloused
callously callousness callow callus callused
calm calm down calming calmly calmness
Calor gas caloric calorie calorific calque
calumniate calumny Calvados Calvary calve
calves Calvin Calvinism Calvinist Calvinistic
calyx cam {1} cam {2} CAM camaraderie
camber canning cannon cannon into cannon off
cannonade cannonball canoeing cant {2} Cantab
Cantabrian canter Canterbury cantilever canting
canton cantonal Cantonese cantonment Canuck

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