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rebuke rebus rebut recant recap
recapitulate receipt receiver receivership receiving
recension receptiveness receptor recessional recessive
recharge rechargeable recherché rechristen recidivism
recipe recipient reciprocity recital recitative
reckon reckon in reckon on reckon without reclamation
recline reclusion reclusive redaction redbreast
redcurrant redefine redevelopment redeye redistribute
redistribution redo redolence redone redouble
redoubt redoubtable redound redraft redress
redskin reducer reducible reduction reductive
reel reel in reel off reel-to-reel ref {1}
ref {2} refashion referendum referential reflate
regroup regrouping regularly regulatory rehash
reinforce reinforced reinsurance reinsure reintegrate
rejuvenating relapse relate related relation
relational relationship relative relatively relativism
relativist relativistic relativity relaunch relaunching
relax relaxant relaxation relaxed relaxing
release relegate relegation relent relentless
relentlessly relevance relevancy relevant rendering
renewable renown rentier renting reoccupy
reopen rep {1} rep {2} Rep. repack
repackage repaid repair {1} repair {2} repatriate
repayment repeal repeat repeated repeatedly
repeater repel repellant repellent repent
repentance repercussion replace replant replay
replenish replenishment repletion replica reply
report back reservedly residential residual residuary
residue residuum resign resilience resilient
resist resolution resolvable resolve resolved
resonant resorption resourceful resourcefully resourcefulness
respectability respirator respiratory respire resplendence
respond response responsibility rest {1} rest up
restart restfully retrospection retrospective return
reunification Rev. revaluation revalue revamp
revanchism revanchist Revd. reveal revealing
revel revelation revelatory reveller revelry
revenge revengeful revengefully reverberation revere
reverence reverent reverie revers reversal
reversing reversion reversionary revert review
reviewer reviewing stand revile revise revised
reviser revision revisionism revisionist revitalize
revival revivalism revivalist revive reviver
revocation revolt revolting revoltingly revolution
revolutionize revue rewinding rewire reword
rewrite ridgeway ridiculousness riding rife
riff-raff riffle rifle {1} rifle through rifled
rifleman rig rig out

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